Wholesale Accounts

We are a home-based workshop and unable to accommodate drop-by shopping nor site tours as our home business insurance and zoning do not permit these activities under any circumstances. 

This form should be printed and returned upon completion.


Minimum order -  $150 in products

COMPANY NAME:_______________________________
MAILING/BILLING ADDRESS:______________________________________
SHIPPING ADDRESS:_____________________________________________
PHONE NUMBERS:_______________________________________________
FAX NUMBER:___________________________________________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS:________________________________________________

NOTE: ALL "CUSTOM ORDERS" ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL FOR COMPATIBILITY OF SCENTS, COLORS, ADDITIVES, ETC. AND/OR TEST BATCHES MAY BE RECOMMENDED. Inordinate quantities of time required to finalize custom orders are subject to consultation fees of $_______/hour or any part of a half hour.


PACKAGING: (All "bulk" soap-i.e. logs or bulk chunks come packaged in stretch wrap and are labeled with the batch number, ingredients, and the soaps final weight after curing).  Plain bars are stacked in variety-marked, clear cello bags. Labeled bars come stacked in "like" clear cello bags to keep scents distinct.

SHIPPING/HANDLING: Our preferred shipping carrier at this time is USPS. We use USPS Priority shipping, unless you specify/request a quicker mode of shipping by USPS. On all orders, we include the cost of packaging materials in your shipping total, as well as a handling fees on larger orders that can often require days to pack.

NEED-BY DATE: ____________________________________________
Subject to estimated timeline that depends on size of order, requirements of special ordering any ingredients, timely receipt of payment or transfer of funds, etc. Please inquire about a quote on your specific order. Also, be aware that high production times such as the winter holiday season may delay production and shipping times - please plan and order early!

ESTIMATED READY-TO-SHIP DATE: ____________________________
(provided by Supplier)

Estimate or projected updates on order status can be e-mailed or phoned to you if current payment date/receipt is unknown. "Ready" dates subject to change due to availability/delivery of ingredients required for large, custom, or special orders. Sometimes our suppliers become backed-up/delayed, especially around federal holidays, and this can delay our production/completion schedules. Each projected order "ready-date" is unique as we receive orders from the wholesale $200 and up. Ask as per YOUR particular order, we cannot generalize timelines.

PLANNED METHOD OF PAYMENT: _______________________________
(Please indicate, including mail/transfer date)

We do not accept credit card payment on orders over $500.00, or on international orders without ________________ (supplier’s name) approval. We recommend a certified or cashier's check as it speeds payment finalization and initiation of production. Make checks out to: _______________

- Production on your order will begin following verified/cleared payment and upon obtaining large-quantity supplies if not already on-hand (some very large orders require us ordering much larger quantities of ingredients than we "normally" keep stocked at our workshop). Ordering these supplies for your large or custom order can often take 7-10 working/UPS ship days to arrive to our facility for us to continue production (subject to our supplier’s schedule).

- Once you place and pay for your order, we cannot accommodate major alterations or subtractions in your order. With large orders, we order ingredients specifically for your order and will be investing a large part of your payment into those ingredients. Once ordered, we cannot send them back.

I understand and agree to the commitment. I will not reduce order quantity.

INITIAL: ___________

- Weather can play a factor in the production/curing of soap and some bath and body products. Hot humid months can potentially delay schedules. Plan initial orders or re-stocking needs accordingly with this potential factor in-mind. 

- If requested, we can keep you posted regularly of the status of your order. Provide us with FULL contact info.: PHONE, FAX, E-MAIL. Our preferred method of contact is via e-mail as it can be accomplished quickly and gives you an in-writing record to keep.

- RE: CUSTOM ORDERS: We make no guarantees on previously un-tried "custom" ingredients/scents or customer-provided ingredients and we strongly recommend that you order test batches prior to ordering large quantities of custom soap. If any complications result from un-previously tried ingredients that you request, you are responsible for paying for that soap order or test batches.

- RE: SOAP DESIGNS: Handmade soap designs are an artistry that cannot be duplicated exactly or identically for each batch.  Slight variations in color intensity, design of swirls, color chunks, are all subject to variation and is part of the beauty and nature of "handmade".  If we alter our usual and customary designs in soap in any significant way, we will attempt to notify the significant parties involved at that time.

- Once your order has been completed and verified by our staff it will be shipped. Once your product is paid for, it belongs to you. We are not responsible for orders that are associated with pre-arranged (your trucking company) pick-up arrangements that are delayed or left beyond a scheduled pick-up date. Our workshop space is limited, in constant production, and we cannot store ready packages indefinitely.

- All handmade soap is sensitive to extremes in heat. Do not leave your soap product stored or displayed in hot, sunny locations. This can cause soap (in humid conditions) to "sweat" which potentially sets the soap up for microbe growth (if enclosed in air-tight wrapping such as shrink wrap or cello bags). We are not responsible for degradation of the soap that occurs as a result of storage in heat that does not occur at our location. Our facility is an air controlled environment and all soap product is shipped out in inspected and approved optimal condition. Bulk soap may be shipped early (cure-wise) for ease of cutting on your end; air-out immediately upon receipt on racks or ventilated shelving.

- Soap shelf life is subject to many factors, including heat (above note), exposure to air, dirt, customer handling, etc. On bulk soap we recommend that you keep "cured" logs (aged 2+ weeks) wrapped in stretch wrap (leave an end exposed as continued exposure to air promotes continuous soap curing), shrink wrap bars or place in air-tight bags such as cello bags after fully cured. Your soap lasts longer when fully cured and is less likely to "melt away" too quickly. Ideal re-packaging is a wrap-around soap labels that leave ends exposed to air for continuous curing. Like fine wine, soap improves with age and curing. Some soap scents are more fleeting than others especially citrus scents! Make a point of wrapping these "cured" varieties to retain scent strength as long as possible. Citrus scents, when well packaged, should retain strong scent approx. 3-4 months and may begin fading thereafter. _____________ (
supplier’s name) is not responsible for soap with any signs of rancidity (brown spotting, mold growth, or foul odor) that occurs after leaving our facility in shipment as we cannot verify conditions in which the product was stored and handled.  It is recommended that you leave "tester bars" out for your customers rather than leave all merchandise available for ready-access handling. Shelf-life of soap should be indefinite if properly stored, cared-for, albeit over time, all scents eventually fade to some degree as can colors, but soap integrity (lather, cleaning power, etc.) remains.

- All soap is inspected carefully by ________________ (
supplier’s name) upon completion of orders and prior to shipping. _________________ (supplier’s name) is not responsible for any damages sustained to soap shipments by any appointed pick-up person or method of transfer that you may choose to use aside from our chosen carrier USPS. 

- If damage is sustained via a USPS shipment, KEEP ALL SHIPPING MATERIALS and report the damage to your USPS delivery person IMMEDIATELY! Have your tracking number on-hand! Call us immediately as well.  A shipping rep or your delivery person will inspect your package damage and file a damage claims report so that USPS insurance can replace the value of the shipment. If the shipment is damaged beyond use, we will make every attempt to replace your order with stock on-hand to continue the smooth flow of your product needs, subject to stock on-hand or availability of "custom" (if needed) ingredients and production time to replace your order. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU CONTACT USPS IMMEDIATELY FOR THE CLAIM TO BE MADE AND RESOLUTION OF THE DAMAGE CLAIM BE INITIATED.

- In the event that your order comes to ___________ (supplier’s name) at an extremely busy period and we cannot fulfill your order (would apply to unusually large orders) in an optimally timely manner, we "may" suggest as an alternative, -- subcontracting your order, or part of your order out to another soap maker or soap making company to complete rather than unduly delay your order. In this scenario, my exact soap recipes would be given to our other soap maker and exact specifications, for that company to complete the work to be done. Samples of other soap maker work can be provided. This situation would only take place upon your approval, and at our indication to you that this was our only alternative to complete your requested order. (A non-disclosure/non-compete agreement available in this situation if doing "custom" work)

- In the event that ____________ (
supplier’s name) experiences personal tragedy, health problems, or death while working on a soap order for you, our designated plan would be to contact you via a representative of the company, to explain the state of affairs, offer the completion of your order for hire to another respected and experienced soap maker (his/her contact info. provided to you) with all pertinent notes on your order/specifications, or, we can refund you your money on any uncompleted portion of your order and forward any already-completed portion as per terms of shipping/pick-up by your transport/carrier arrangements. Your decision would be secured as first choice in this course of events.

- Due to the handmade natural aspect of our products, we do not accept product/shipment returns, nor issue credits or refunds of our products. If there is a problem that you believe is our responsibility, you or your receiving appointee must report it to us immediately upon your receiving/inspecting your shipment. We would require that all or a portion of the defective product be sent to us for our evaluation of the problem and determination if the product requires being replaced at our expense. Shipping of returned product will be paid for by _________ (
supplier’s name). Our goal is to always provide only the absolute finest quality of handmade soap products to our customers at all times. Dissatisfaction with a chosen scent or color does not constitute reason for product return based on grounds of being "defective".

- If you choose to private label our soap with your own company label, you agree to abide by FDA labeling requirements (info. provided to you by us). Failure on your part to adequately, correctly, and truthfully label product is your responsibility and liability, not covered under our own __________ (
supplier’s name) liability insurance.   

____________ Initials

You agree that you will not allege to consumers that you manufactured these products yourself, nor appointees of yourself.
____________________ Initials

I have read the above wholesale contract and agree to all points stated, I have filled-in all spaces requiring information or initials form myself, or I have indicated that I require further discussion/information from _________________ (
supplier’s name)

Signature                                                    Print Name                             Date

Return entire signed __________ (
supplier’s contact info) Thank You!