Wholesale Terms

  1. Wholesale customers should submit a "sales tax and use" number prior to ordering or complete an exemption document/form (whatever your state calls the form that you fill out to skip paying sales tax).
  2. In order to maintain a wholesale account, a total of 12 orders must be placed for no less than $100 per order within one calendar year.


  • You have 24 hours to send payment, or the order will be cancelled.


  1. Minimum order quantity of $100 and/or minimum quantity of 25 per fragrance and size for handcrafted products.


  • If you are placing a custom/special or made to order request: Please provide the date in which you require the product. You will be notified of the availability date of the product.   Full payment is required prior to product creation. PLEASE NOTE: There is NO REFUND OF ORDERS SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO CANCEL THE ORDER. The order will continue to be processed and shipped as per the original order request.
  • There is a no-return policy on all handcrafted product orders. However, should there be an issue with shipment due to damage, pictures should be taken and forward along with a description of the damage, amount of items damage, and then contact Just SPLURGE Bath & Body, Inc to resolve the discrepancy.


  1. We accept cash, company checks, credit cards, PayPal. Customer will receive an invoice detailing order, balance due and how to remit payment.
  2. Payment in full is due at time of order.
  3. Orders placed for in stock product will be shipped within 7-10 business days. Custom products will be shipped within 15 days as long as customer is in agreement with changes. Any changes to this time frame will be communicated to the customer.


  • SOAP ORDERS: Handmade soaps require a cure time – if you are placing a special order, please allow 4-6 weeks. We suggest that you place the order 5 weeks prior to the date needed. 50 % of the total cost is required as a down payment. PLEASE NOTE SHOULD THE ORDER BE CANCELLED THE DEPOSIT IS NON- REFUNDABLE. If the product is stocked and available, please refer to SECTION 2(a) and 3(a) for payment instructions.


  1. Shipping FOB (your town). Freight charges waived for orders over $400 or within 60 miles of our location.
  2. Due to the handmade and artistic nature of our products there maybe slight variations in the final product. Additionally, we reserve the right to substitute ingredients when circumstances beyond our control would cause serious delay of production or prohibitive cost increases."
  3. Signage and marketing materials may be requested by the customer. Once provided these items remain the sole property of Just SPLURGE Bath & Body, Inc and must be returned if the wholesale partnership is terminated.  If not returned the customer will be invoiced for the replacement costs less depreciation.



Private Label


Just SPLURGE Bath & Body, Inc offers a private label program.

  1. Our customers have the option to have their labels designed and printed at a print shop of their discretion. All labels must be reviewed and approved by Just SPLURGE Bath & Body, Inc to ensure compliance with all pertinent regulations. Examples of information that must be included on any label is as follows: “manufactured by Just SPLURGE Bath & Body, Inc for (customers name) and a complete list of ingredients. This is not a complete list and is subject to change based on government regulation.
  2. Customer may choose to offer their own labels to be shipped to Just SPLURGE Bath & Body, Inc for application.  Please note Section 1 regarding what is also included on the label.
  3. For a one time set up fee of $50 our customers may also choose to have Just SPLURGE Bath & Body, Inc design and print product labels using the customers business name and logo.
    1. Although Just SPLURGE Bath & Body, Inc does not retain any ownership of our customer’s logo. We do retain the intellectual property rights to the final label design. In the event that the private label agreement is terminated the designs will remain with Just SPLURGE Bath & Body, Inc. Should the customer decide, they may purchase the designs for $150 (this includes the one-time setup fee of $50).
  4. Products may not, under any circumstances, be re-labeled without prior consent and approval of changes as to ensure that all regulations are being met.