Wax Melts

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Available in different fragrances...

• Nothing like the buttery sugary aroma of a warm sugar cookie! This wax melt gives all sorts of sugar cookie vibes while SPLURGing in relaxation. Warm your heart and home with this aromatic goodness! 

• The sensational vibes of Love Spell wax melt lights up any room with scents of grapefruit, cherry blossom and hydrangea.

• Do you really wanna wait until after hours to celebrate? It's gotta be 5 o'clock somewhere. SPLURGing on the Champagne wax melt will cause uncontrollable celebration and relaxation - all in the comfort of your own zen space! Toast it up and have some fun. Great when mixed with some of our other scents. 

 • Ever wondered what Christmas would look like on a summer vacation? Me too! 😁 Well, a staycation is just as grand! SPLURGE a little with Tropical Wonderful wax melt scented in tropical fusion bursting at Christmas.

SPLURGE in a delightful way for wedding favors, teacher appreciation gifts, and housewarming presents.




100% Soy wax, fragrance oil, mica, dye, glitter